In the Thicket of It

Exploring the Owens Valley in February looking for Brown Trout but prepared to stumble upon Bass. Weather out has been hazy with light cloud cover over most of the afternoons. Some bugs but nothing that cannot be ignored.

I usually travel light with most of my important gear in my front pockets. Today I had a back-up #panthermartin in my right pocket, mousetails and No.8 mosquito hooks in my breast pocket, Scissors and fish cent in my back pocket, pack of plastics in my left pocket and a back back with terminal, a tray of jigs and one-time baits...

I walk with one spinning rod and one baitcaster...

Baitcaster - Classic Phenix rod and #Shimano Calais Reel

Spinning - #IROD Genesis 2 and a #Tatula Reel

Annnnnnnd my #Nalgene bottle of Chai Yogi Tea...

Needless to say I'm geared up.

Initially caught a couple trout on the #panthermartin but then I landed a small bass. I immediately switched to the bait caster and started landing bass

I don't keep any of the Bass. #catchandrelease is essential to the health of the bass, the sport and ecosystem so I'm adamant about throwing them back. The trout on the other hand will come home on occasion should I be hosting a tea party.

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